Saturday, 27 October 2012

Day 167: Hot buttered plum pudding

A truly spectacular recipe! I was utterly amazed at how simple yet delicious the Hot buttered plum pudding was. How can such simple ingredients taste so yummy?!! I mean, it was the simplest recipe ever and here’s how I made it…

I took four slices of white bread, removed the crusts and buttered each one generously on one side. I then set them into a rectangular oven-proof dish and spread the remaining butter over the top. Next, I neatly (!) laid out sliced plums on top before scattering them with sugar. Into the oven the dish then went for 30 minutes. I then served with a wee bit of double cream.

The verdict…

Would it be such a surprise to say that both Dear Husband and I scored this recipe a 9?! Yes, it really was that good! I don’t actually eat plums as a fruit which is strange considering that my granny always grew them in her orchard. Apples though, well, they were game for climbing the trees which my sisters, cousins and I all loved doing and thankfully continued to do so for years without breaking any bones, no matter how many times we fell off them! Aw, those were the days…and an orchard is something I never see any more though. Anyway, following this recipe, plums have moved up in my estimation. I'm not trying to make myself out like a food critic here as I know very little really (and it's not my style) but I loved how the sweetness of the plums contrasted with the saltiness of the butter and crispy edges of the bread. Absolutely delicious.

Overall, this recipe was super easy, quick, used little ingredients and tasted absolutely delicious. I was slightly alarmed by the amount of sugar which had to be used (3oz/100g) and I’ve managed to get this far in my life with no cavities and want to stay that way; therefore, I think I could have gotten away with slightly less sugar. As you’ll see from the main photo of the pudding that not all the sugar had sufficiently melted in the centre but I didn’t want to leave the pudding in the oven much longer as some of the fruit had started to burn slightly around the edges.

Will I make this recipe again? Without a doubt and I highly recommend this recipe especially considering the time of year. It really is the perfect dessert recipe for the bank holiday weekend Sunday lunch. Enjoy!

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