Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 91: Substantial lentils

Ok, so you looked at the picture and saw that there were lentils in today’s recipe, right?! You also knew that I was on my own with this one as there was no way Dear Husband would even entertain the thought of eating them again, right?! Yes, you are correct. Dear Husband always says that the only food he doesn’t like is raisins but I hasten to add lentils to that list too. Even though I know it’s only a notion to him because he eats the lentils that are in homemade soup albeit a different colour. So, for a late lunch today, I went ahead and made Substantial lentils.

Looking at the picture, you would be forgiven for thinking that they don’t look much different to the Simple lentils I made in the early days of this blog. However, the substantial lentils also included the addition of carrot, celery but minus the balsamic vinegar. Getting down to the specifics of the recipe, I sautéed chopped onion, garlic, celery and carrot in a frying pan (my new one with the lid which is getting plenty of use!). They softened for about 8 minutes. At this point, I must admit, that I had to leave the house to go to the town for a “builder’s line” as everyone else was incapacitated (yes, the construction work is still going on!). So, I bundled Baby Daughter into the car and off I went to the suppliers to get a builder’s line. Honestly, I was half thinking that the builder’s line was like when a newbie would get asked to go and get a ‘long stand’. But really, I thought it was a long rod that builders use to make sure lines are straight – but don’t they have spirit levels for that?! At least I had the sense to ask the man in the suppliers for a builder’s line; otherwise, I’d never have found it! What was the builder’s line? It was very simply a roll of twine or what some people might call cord. Never in a million years would I have thought that’s what a builder’s line was.

Anyway, back to the house and I heated up the vegetable mixture and then added vegetable stock, the lentils, a sprig of thyme and a bay leaf. By the way, did you know that ‘green speckled lentils’ and ‘puy lentils’ are the same thing? I only copped that on yesterday and had the girl in the health food shop verify my discovery. The lentils simmered for 25 minutes before serving up. I didn’t even season them as I thought they were perfect as they were. Dear Mother always used to scold me for adding salt to my food before tasting it so she has really and truly gotten me out of that habit at long last she will be glad to know.

The verdict…

A very good 7 marks out of 10. I really loved this dish and thought it was the perfect lunch. So healthy and no sign of bread or pasta which usually leave me feeling so tired after eating them at lunch time. I ate a small plate of them and then couldn’t help but eat another small plate of them with balsamic vinegar which made them even nicer. Without doubt, this recipe has made The List (for me anyway!). Definitely a hit in my books but definitely not for the masses I’d say. I know Dear Husband doesn’t like them but I wonder how many other people come in to our house would eat them? I think I could safely rule out most of the men and I’d have more luck with the girls liking them. As I said to a friend last night, when it comes to Donegal men and dinners, a recipe is off to a bad start if it doesn’t include potatoes. There are, of course, some exceptions but unfortunately, substantial lentils isn’t one of them.

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