Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 101: Chocolate croissant bread and butter pudding

If there was a cooking class called Desserts 101 (which there probably is!), surely the first dessert students would learn would be Chocolate croissant bread and butter pudding. An extremely delicious dessert which took quite a while to cook but minimal time to prepare.

I started off by chopping up dark chocolate and put half of it into the bottom of a large dish. I then cut six croissants in half (length ways) and arranged them in the dish before scattering the remainder of the chocolate on top. Into a bowl then went 4 eggs, cream, milk, caster sugar, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. I whisked up using an electric mix and poured into the dish with the croissants. Finally, I sprinkled caster sugar over the top of the croissants and let the dish sit for 5 minutes and it ended up looking this this…

The pudding cooked in the oven for 45 minutes and, when ready, I gave it a wee sprinkling of icing sugar – to hide the slightly ‘overdone’ bits, of course!

The verdict…

Dear Husband loved this dessert. He had to have a second helping with another cup of tea so that’s always a good indication of how good a recipe is. He said that it was really delicious and, therefore, 10 marks out of 10. Once again, it’s amazing how such an easy recipe can be so good. Another great thing about the recipe is that the croissants don’t have to be really fresh and are fine even if they are stale. I really liked this recipe because of its simplicity – there really is little room for error; just don’t forget to check it near the 40-minute mark. The ingredients used were things that I tend to have in stock anyway and I always have croissants in the cupboard at the weekend. This pudding has made The List and I’ve now started to make notes on my cookbook about when each recipe would be a good time to make. With that in mind, this recipe is going down as a good dessert for wintery Sunday evenings but thankfully, today was far from that as we enjoyed yet another warm summer breeze in Donegal. Hopefully, the weather will be as nice this time next week in Croker!

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