Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 1
So, today marked Day 1 of the challenge and without much deliberation (!), the first recipe I picked to cook was the first one in the book (page 10) - Hearty Lentil and Onion Soup. It seemed a relatively simple recipe to start off with - hey, it's soup! However, three things which I must remember next time:
  1. I'll be sure to buy those big Spanish onions in the supermarket rather than those small-medium size ones which took an age to peel and finely slice.
  2. I won't make it on an empty stomach on a Friday evening when I'm starving (I ended up making Rachel Allen's Pea and Coriander soup while I was waiting on this one to cook).
  3. I will vow not to set off both fire alarms in the house - especially when the two babies are sleeping. Not even joking.

The verdict...

It looked like something found in a witch's couldron at Halloween and took an hour to cook but I was really pleasantly surprised by this, the cheesy croutons really helped. Not a big fan of rosemary but it worked so well in this soup. Yum. It has made it onto my list of lunches for work. Not a bad start to The Late Late Show on a Friday night... :)


  1. Looking forward to reading more of this! I am currently working my way through same book - have made the thai chicken soup about 4 times now and has become my signature dish ha ha!

    1. Hi Jo. Welcome to my blog! Delighted that I now have my first follower - thank you!!! Keep me posted on your cooking too! I must try making the Thai Chicken soup this week :)