Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 13

Day 13 and back to the good old reliable potato as this evening’s dinner was Fried potatoes with chorizo and cabbage. I suppose this is a modern twist on the traditional Irish dinner with the inclusion of chorizo sausage and chorizo sausage is something I always keep the fridge well stocked up on as I cook with it 1-2 times per week making the baked eggs which I mentioned before.

You know the great thing about watching cookery programmes is? Well, when the chef is cooking the recipe, isn’t it great how all the ingredients are chopped up, nicely prepared in their wee bowls and plates and all the chef has to do is throw them together. Well, unfortunately, I don’t have an assistant to prep the ingredients for me but I always say to myself that when I win the Lotto (!), I will employ someone full-time who will do exactly that so when I come home from work (because I would still work if I won the Lotto), all I will have to do is fling the ingredients together and making dinner will be so much easier. Ok, to be honest, this recipe didn’t require a whole lot of chopping but chopping onions, peeling and crushing garlic and then peeling and slicing a chorizo sausage takes a bit of time. Again, further evidence of my lack of patience.

On the subject of the chorizo sausage, about 7 years ago, I made a meal for a friend of mine which included chorizo. She had been a chef in a previous life and enjoyed the recipe but hastened to add that I should have peeled the skin off the chorizo which I am eternally grateful for as I’ve never since read or heard anyone say that the chorizo should be peeled but I am sure that it’s better without the skin.

Getting back to the recipe and I fried the sliced chorizo for a few minutes on each side and then lifted them out onto a plate before frying sliced onion and garlic in the pan for just over 15 minutes. Once the onions were golden and the potatoes cooked, I splashed in 50ml of water and tossed in the shredded cabbage (which I bought shredded!) and added the cooked chorizo. It only took another 3 minutes of cooking to finish and this is what it looked like…

The verdict…

Dear Husband gave the meal 7 out of 10. Sure how could I go wrong making my Irish husband a dinner that included potatoes, sausage, cabbage and onions?! He said it was really tasty and would definitely eat it again. Dear Son nibbled at it eating the potato and sausage but avoided the cabbage.

In conclusion, this recipe has to be a staple in any Irish household. With all the ingredients being really easy to get, you won’t be stuck for a dinner that would be considered, I suppose, comfort food on a cold winter’s night and sure, as luck would have it, I decided to make this recipe on the one day in the last year that it was 22°C and the sun was splitting the sky! Murphy’s law…

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