Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 6
Okay, so on Day 6 with the Chickpea and Aubergine Salad you could be forgiven for thinking “Chickpeas. Bland” but you’d be wrong. This was absolutely delicious…

The ingredients were roasted red onion and aubergine mixed with chickpeas topped off with rocket salad and a gorgeous dip of Greek style natural yoghurt with mint and a hint of paprika. Thankfully, I got to use fresh mint from my father’s garden. When it comes to herbs, only fresh will do. The dried ones don’t have a look-in when compared to the fresh versions. The whole dish only took about 35 minutes to make but I did mess quite a few dishes.

The verdict..

As I said, absolutely delicious. A real surprise. It reminded me of something you’d get in a posh restaurant as a starter even if it was made partly of chickpeas! The good thing about the recipe is that it can be served warm – just like I ate it this evening or cold – I’m going to have it for lunch tomorrow too! When I gave it to Dear Son, it came out of his mouth as quickly as it went in so it was a complete no-no for him. He has now learned the phrase “Mum, I think it’s out of date” if he doesn’t like something (!). Dear Husband wasn’t too impressed either which is no surprise seeing as the dish was vegetarian and he would be a complete carnivore if he got away with it! Therefore, his score was 2 out of 10! Booooo!

In conclusion, I gave the dish 8 out of 10 and I think it’s still worth making even if you’re not vegetarian – it is a great alternative to sandwiches for lunch!

If you’re having vegetarians around for dinner some night, serve them this but as a starter as I don't think it would be substantial enough as a dinner. They will be so surprised at how simple yet delicious this is.

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