Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 17

17 days into the Challenge, 28 recipes so far and, last night, the blog reached an important milestone as it recorded over 1,000 hits since it began so a big THANK YOU to all of you for reading. Without you, this blog wouldn’t be as much fun! Sometimes, I feel like no one is reading this blog at all and my successes and disasters are simply going into the modern-day abyss that is the Internet but thanks to my page statistics, apparently there are many of you reading so, again, thank you!!!

Sunday morning again and a cooked breakfast again which, very often, involves eggs. This time it was the turn of the Spiced baked eggs. These were super simple to prepare. One egg in each ramekin followed by a sprinkling of mixed spices (ground cumin, paprika and cayenne pepper) followed with salt, pepper and cream. Into the oven for what should have been 8-12 minutes but I actually left them in longer (probably 15 minutes) as the egg whites hadn’t fully set after 12 minutes. Once done, they were accompanied by tea and toast.

The verdict…

Dear Husband gave them 5 out of 10 which I wasn’t surprised about as I knew these wouldn’t surpass the infamous Baked eggs with chorizo, cream and cheese which I make so often. I must ask Dear Husband what marks out of 10 the usual baked eggs get! I’d guess that they are at least a 9 if not full marks. Anyway, back to today’s eggs and he said they were nice but he wasn’t fussed on eating the second one so I suspect that they were probably less than a 5. However, after yesterday’s disaster, he was probably trying to spare my feelings or half-worried that he won't get to be the guinea pig any more (lol!) although I always tell him that he must be brutally honest no matter how bad a recipe is. As for Dear Son, I don’t think he even looked twice at them. He didn’t eat one bite although he would normally eat the other eggs.

So, once again, this is a recipe that won’t make a regular appearance in my kitchen. Simple recipe, fast but not a lot to write about. The good news is that tomorrow I know I am onto a winner so stay tuned… J

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