Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 67: Five-minute pea soup

Back home to the Green Isle so that must have inspired me to make Five-minute pea soup. This recipe was ideal in so many ways but mostly because of my “You’ll get fed when I get fed!” rule.

I put vegetable stock, frozen peas, grated garlic and spring onions into a saucepan on a high heat. I seasoned the lot and brought it up to the boil. I then added cream and tarragon and then blended using a hand-blender. I served up with fresh French bread and the good old Kerrygold butter.

The verdict…

I really liked this soup – 7 marks out of 10 which is outstanding for something that took so little time to prepare and cook. I used dried tarragon seeing as the fresh stuff is so difficult to come by but I could still taste it anyway. I have made a similar soup of Rachel’s to this one which is Pea and Coriander Soup. Although the Pea and Coriander soup also has chilli in it, I thought the tarragon version definitely wouldn’t be as nice but it wasn’t far off it. I would regard the pea, coriander and chilli soup as 8 marks out of 10 so today’s contender was good competition for it. If you love chillies then make the Pea and Coriander soup. However, there is no doubt that this soup has made The List and I have already put a post-it on the page that it’s on the work-lunch-list [I’ve now started to sub-categorise the recipes!].

Overall, this was one of the simplest recipes to prepare and quickest yet tasted very healthy and wholesome; plus, it was very filling when eaten with bread. That also reminds me that there was an experiment I read about somewhere whereby they tested which meal would keep you fuller for longer - an ordinary dinner with a drink (e.g. water) or soup and soup won so there's another good reason to make soup for lunch. Getting back to the recipe, all the ingredients would be things that would normally be in stock anyway so this soup would probably be top of the list for lunches that you can make without having to make a trip to the supermarket first. I am already looking forward to having the remainder of it for lunch tomorrow. Speaking of which, I will be officially out of the country (again – sorry!) from tomorrow until 24 July. I most definitely won’t be cooking any this time but will still be posting on my blog each night so thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy the following week’s posts some of which will be extra recipes I've made and others will be something different…

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