Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 27

Tonight was the first time in this blog that I made a supper from the cookbook and it was the turn of the Thai crab toast. You know what it’s like in the late evening when you’re feeling a bit peckish and not really sure what you want?! Well, most of the time in our house, a nice cup of tea and warm toast will do just the trick but, of course, in the interests of my blog, I make this version of toast instead.

The recipe was extremely straightforward and quick. I used tinned crab meat out of M&S as I normally keep a few tins of it – just in case. The only other time I cook with crab meat is for one of Nigella Lawson’s recipes which are crab meat wraps with avocado and wasabi, I think. Anyway, back to tonight, and what I had to do was place the crab meat in a bowl along with the nam pla (fish sauce), grated ginger, coriander, avocado and lime juice. All I had to do then was drizzle some sesame oil on the toast and put the crab meat mixture on top. Except, of course, I forgot to put the sesame oil on the toast before putting the crab meat mixture on, by which time, Dear Husband had already eaten one slice so I grabbed the second slice off him just as he was putting it into his mouth. I scraped the crab meat mixture off the toast and then drizzled it with the sesame oil before putting the crab meat back on.
The verdict…

Dear Husband gave the toast 7 marks out of 10 for the toast…wait for it…without the sesame oil and 6 marks out of 10 with the sesame oil. He is obviously not a fan of sesame oil. He did say that the crab meat toast was a nice change to the normal buttery toast I make – obviously no offence intended to my beloved Kerrygold butter(!). Apparently, another good thing about this toast was that it wasn’t soggy which you would normally expect seeing as there was lime juice in it but the crab meat must have absorbed it or something?!  Dear Son didn’t like it. Again, in the words of my 3-year-old…“ick!” I substituted the crab meat for tomatoes which are a favourite of mine and really enjoyed the toast.

To conclude, this toast has made The List! I imagine this would be the perfect supper on a Sunday evening after having eaten the dinner that wee bit earlier in the afternoon. This recipe really was super easy and that counts in my books. That leaves me time now to catch up on Come Dine With Me Ireland which I have recorded. Not to sound like an ad but Sky+ is a saviour at times. Just so you know, I’ve calculated that you can save 15-20 minutes if you record a 1-hour programme and fast-forward through the ads. Just something to think about the next time your hard-pressed for time to watch the odd cookery programme as I don't think I'll ever get my hands on that time machine that I'm always saying I need! J  

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