Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thank you to all my readers! :

I need to get to work on The List very soon whereby I will provide a full summary of the recipes in terms of have they/have they not made The List. Plus, I’m going to give a summary of the marks for each recipe. It will be handy for when you decide to make some of them yourselves. In the mean time though, I would like to sincerely thank you and you and you for reading my blog and for all the kind comments and tweets along the way. It’s been quite a journey over the past six months. Yes, I totally underestimated how much time and effort making all 180 recipes would take but, like most things that are hard work, they are also the most worthwhile and rewarding. And I will admit now, that being human like everyone else, there were nights in the last month when I really could have done without making a recipe but you, the readers, kept me going so THANK YOU!!!
With all the recipes I made, there were many, many highs and, of course, a few lows. What will be my most memorable recipes? Em, let me see. Here's a few...
- the meringues (still can't make them)
- the panacotta (the disaster x 4 plus the one time I made it right)
- the mussels ( a huge hit)
- the gazpacho (hilarious!)
- the salads that Dear Husband actually liked
- the grand finale dinner, of course
Then there were events that happened that I never thought for a second I would experience, such as...
- Rachel Allen tweeting me and the conversations since
- being on the Ray D'arcy Show (always loved that show and will forever more!)
- The Sun running the story
- my local papers (The Inish Times and The Inishowen Independent) running the story
- hey, I even got a mention on Highland Radio this morning!
So, I hope you enjoy my next blog as much which I’m going to start next weekend. I will continue to reply to any comments you post on this blog if you're thinking of attempting any of the recipes so go for it!
Chat to you all soon!   Kindest Regards,   Lynda xxx


  1. Lynda - I've really enjoyed reading your blog and you have encouraged me to try out several of the recipes. We spend a lot of time in Inishowen so it was lovely to read your reference to places we love such as Harry's. Well done on completing the challenge. I look forward to reading your next blog - especially since it is cakes!

  2. Hi Lorna. Great to hear from one of my readers and thank you for following the blog and your kind comments. I hope you enjoy the Cake blog as much! Lynda :)