Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 174: Ceviche

This next recipe involved fish but no cooking. I thought “Well, one mouthful and that’ll be the end of it”. I was wrong. I attempted to make Ceviche which I heard Nigella Lawson pronounce Zay-vichy on her programme one night and here’s how it went…

I began with cutting the cod fillets into thin strips before sliding it into a bowl which contained the juice of 6 limes. I wrapped up the bowl in cling film and set it in the fridge for an hour, as per the instructions. After an hour, I took the bowl out of the fridge and added the following to the fish – diced cucumber, diced avocado, chopped chilli and sliced scallion. To serve, all I had to do was put a few spoonfuls of the mixture on a plate et voilà!

The verdict…

As Dear Husband tucked into the ceviche, I waited for a few seconds in eager anticipation of the verdict which I would surely hear bellowing from the kitchen. I thought that, if nothing else, I'd get another laugh. He really is too funny when he doesn't like a recipe. Well, I waited. And waited. And I waited some more. "Hey, hang on a second", I said to myself, "surely he isn’t actually eating the dish and enjoying it?!" But, he was! An amazing 7 marks, thank you very much! I had read in the recipe that although no cooking was involved, as such, that the lime juice would actually cook the fish and so it did because when I took the bowl out of the fridge, the cod looked cooked! Once again, I am amazed by science.

Will I make this again? Prior to making this recipe, I thought that this one was a foregone conclusion but I was wrong. I’m thinking that I will make this again but in summer time – definitely not suited for a cold winter’s night…or day for that matter. A great summer lunch recipe without a doubt.

Overall, this recipe was easy and quick if you ignore the marinating time. It was a real surprise for me as to how well this recipe scored but there you go – another one that didn’t fail to surprise me J   

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